Short Reports: Helping Physicians Reduce Stress in the Workplace, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, UAE

Lyssette Lourdes Cardona, John M. Kennedy


Medical teams across several multi-specialties set out to reduce stress at work by testing a point of care application-based stress reduction program. Using guided imagery to apply the BREATHE technique, clinicians in at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (UAE) tested their heart rate prior to using and after use of the program. Our results showed that physicians were able to significantly reduce their heart rates to de-stress by using this technique. This is consistent with published research for nurses and other individuals and proven as an effective coping strategy for stress reduction. Stress reduction app-based programs may be used as a tool to prevent burnout and increase wellbeing in the workplace.


Stress; Burnout; BREATHE; workplace; healthcare; wellbeing; organizations

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