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The Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology (MEJPP) has the primary aim of developing an indigenous positive psychology in the Middle East/North Africa region, with particular although not exclusive, attention to the Arab world. The MEJPP is interested in happiness and wellbeing, as well as positive education, positive media, positive psychology interventions, positive community development, positive health, positive cultural and social development, positive organizational and workplace development, as well as positive psychology coaching. 

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First Positive Psychology Textbook in the Middle East Region


We have just published the first regional text in positive psychology! It will be of interest to post-secondary students, policy makers, researchers, practitioners and professors alike who want to learn more about the field within a regional context. Feel free to forward this email far and wide to anyone you think is interested in being three steps ahead of mainstream psychology (!) and learning more about this field!   https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-13921-6  

Vol. 6 (2020): A new decade for new forms of wellbeing

Published: 2020-12-30

Editorial: The Year to Go Beyond

Louise Lambert; Meg A. Warren


Perspectives: Using Positive Psychology and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to Build a Better World

Dr. Louise Lambert, Dr. Meg Warren, Dr. Gaël Brulé, Dr. Catherine O’Brien, Sean Murray, Aziz Mulay-Shah, Dr. Holli-Anne Passmore, Dr. John Zelenski, Mohammad Asfour, Sabrina Alsubaiei


Conference Proceedings: The International Psychology Conference Dubai (October 3, 2020)

Louise Lambert; Silvia King, Oliver Baxter, Nicola Barrington


Short Reports: Wellbeing Support of Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 in the Middle East

Lyssette Cardona, Samah Nour, Kelly Huffman, Mu’ed Alkhalaileh, Salama Al Qubaisi


Short Reports: The Female Load: The Cost of Productivity During COVID-19.

Sarah Christensen, Katie Winkelman, Leslie Aguilar


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